What We Do

Plain and simple, we clean oil. We specialize in cleaning and removing water from oil to make it ideal for processing into Biofuels. Our process includes a three step filtration process to filter out particulate to 2 micron. Our de-watering process is a two step settle process that removes 99% of all water.

Oil In Beaker

Bio Diesel Blending Station For Sale

This unit is a portable, above ground and self contained dispensing system that live blends Bio-Diesel and regular Diesel (or ethanol and gasoline) into B20, B50, and B99 products. The blends can also be re-programmed to any combination.

The tank is two compartments one for 1000 gallons of B100 bio-diesel and one for 1000 gallons of diesel. The tank construction is Fireguard UL listed approved for retail above ground use. Each tank is properly vented, including an emergency release vent. Both tanks have lockable spill boxes, tank gauges and overfill protection. Each tank is heated to offer the protection from gelling and the benefit of blending at temperature.

The dispensing pump that includes a credit card reader with an interface to accept major credit cards, debit cards or fleet cards. The dispenser has auto shut off with the break away hose feature.

The station can operate un-staffed 24/7. The station is properly labeled with Has-mat labels (the diamond color coded label). The station is free standing and operates on standard 220V power. The Station is 8’6″ wide, 22’6″ long and 9’6″ high and weights approximately 17,000 pounds empty. Contact us today to find out more.

Bio-Blend Fuels Blendiung Station