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About Us

Bio-Blend Fuels, Inc. is a producer and retailer of BioDiesel. We mix patroleum based diesel fuel with biofuel we make right here on site. Our proprietary blending station creates the ratios we want, and dispenses it to you. Just like a regular gas station, only better! Our fuel is cheaper, burns cleaner, and is made from material that would otherwise end up in a landfill.


Bio-Blend Fuels, Inc. was launched in 2005 as an environmentally safe alternative to conventional diesel fuel. The plant and fueling station are located at 2817 Basswood Drive, Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220. The plant has the capacity to produce 2,600,000 gallons of B100 annually. At that capacity, Bio-Blend Fuels, Inc. is among the largest bio-diesel production facilities in Wisconsin. Click here to view our brochure.

Mission Statement

Bio-Blend Fuels, Inc. will strive each day to follow the B.I.O.F.U.E.L. philosophy:
Believe In Our Method
Inform and Educate
Outstanding Customer Service
Fill an Alternative Energy Need
Unsurpassed Quality Standards
Environmentally Conscious Practices
Lessen the Dependence on ForeignOil

Bio-Blend Fuels will practice B.I.O.F.U.E.L daily. It will be the guiding principle applied to production, customer service and doing what is right.